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Preparing for a telephone or video consultation

During the Covid-19 pandemic the NHS is needing to rely heavily on remote consultations. We appreciate that this may feel unfamiliar to you however there are a number of things that you can do in advance of the consultation which may help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your consultation.

Your clinician may ask if you are happy to transfer from a telephone consultation to a video consultation using your smart phone. We use a system called AccuRx that allows us to text you a link, which you then click on to launch a video consultation. With this in mind it is useful to make sure you have a good wifi connection and are in a place of privacy if you wish to consent to a video consultation.

Please see the video below if you want further information:

If you can please check and make a note of the following prior to talking to the GP/ANP:

1) Your pulse rate:

For a video demonstration

2) Your temperature if you have a home thermometer:

3) Your blood pressure if you have a home monitor:

If we need to issue a prescription as a result of the consultation this will be done electronically directly to a pharmacy. It is therefore helpful if you can think in advance about which pharmacy is most convenient for you.

The staff at the surgery are very grateful for your help and understanding in these challenging times.

Date published: 6th April, 2020
Date last updated: 6th April, 2020